Contractors can take advantage of our competitive wholesale pricing and feel assured your price is the best on the market.  We update our online and in house pricing and new products daily. To inquire about contractor pricing please be sure to contact us to get access to our portal. 

We believe that this is only the beginning. LED is the next evolution in lighting. How will you save energy?


At NRG – LED we are not just lighting suppliers; we look at our clients as partnerships rather than simply customers by offering the following services:

• Generate 3D renderings for any space so you can ensure you are getting the light output you need for your lighting application

• Perform onsite reviews of current lighting and provide retrofit recommendations

• Provide IESO rebate program management from start to finish to remove that arduous task from our contractors and their customers

• Generate project quotes complete with a detailed ROI (Return On Investment) package, so you know how long it takes for the project to pay for itself

The next time you have a project on your desk, ask our team how we can help.

Our success is dependant on your success so lets work together.  We are just a phone call away and are always available.