Rebate Programs 2021

Save On Energy has been around for quite some time now, saving millions of dollars by reducing energy costs for consumers and businesses along with making the overall cost associated with upgrades much easier to obtain.

Rebate programs have changed quite a bit over the years and still remain active in 2021. The three main categories are; Retrofitting, Small Business Lighting and Energy Consulting programs.

Most business will be covered by this program as it’s where the big savings reside. The requirements are broad and cover almost every business that could save money by replacing old technology in lighting and HVAC redesign. Keep in mind you must have preapproval and the incentive amount must exceed $500.

Here is a full list of incentives offered.

Many small businesses were having a difficult time meeting the retrofit requirements and or the incentive just wasn’t enough to warrant the paperwork and as a result the Small Business Lighting program sprung to life. This program is a unique program designed for businesses with fewer than 50 employees offering a total savings of 2000 on lighting. The only caveat is the lighting must be from a list of energy efficient products and previous submissions between  2016-2019 are not eligible to participate again. Now keep in mind, you may only be covered by a portion of that set amount and in on some special circumstances the incentive can exceed 2000 dollars. This includes materials and labour as well.

Along with much of the above, it’s difficult to decide what program is best for anyone. The third program consists of help and services aimed at making the entire process smoother with assistance from experts in the field. Knowing your way around the process has been and will remain the most difficult part of any of these programs. With red tape all over you need to know where to submit, what to buy and so much more.

At LED Lighting & Electrical Distributor we are your experts. We provide energy efficient lighting that qualifies, and also have the team of experts whom can design and facilitate the entire process from start to finish.

If you’re looking at improving your lighting at home or your office simply give us a call and we can get the ball rolling. The sooner you replace inefficient lighting the sooner the costs and savings will start.