Should I buy a Home Backup Generator or Go Solar?

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Recent power disruptions have homeowners concerned and inquiring about a backup generator to protect their home when electricity is not available.

These outages could, and have, lasted for days creating is a legitimate concern for homeowners who rely on sump pumps, water pumps, breathing apparatus, food spoilage, etc.

The following Link explains the pros and cons of home generators:

One con not mentioned in the article is the generator’s inability to continuously run 24 hours a day.  Doing so will drastically reduce the life of the generator.

An alternate solution is a home solar system which can provide your home with daily and emergency power which we have put together and call the NRG Alternative Power System.

Our system will provide your home with electricity, reducing your hydro bill, and emergency power via battery backup.

System Pros:

  • Reduce hydro bill
    • The system is designed to provide your home power during the daytime as well as banking power to the grid to generate a credit for use during the night
    • The solar system pays for itself
  • Capable of powering your home 24 hours a day continuously in the event of power outage
    • Solar powers your home during the daytime hours and via battery during the night
  • Canadian Government Greener Homes incentive is offering a rebate of $1000 per kW of installed solar ($5000 max) and up to $40000 interest free loan over 10 years
  • Commercial business can write off 100% of the solar system in year 1

System Cons:

  • Expensive upfront cost
    • The system cost is dependant on annual hydro use

Eligibility criteria for reimbursement:

  • All equipment must be purchased in Canada
  • Online purchases are only eligible if the are ordered from a distributor located in Canada
  • The system must be comprised of one or more PV panel and inverter certified to CSA Standards
  • The total system peak power capacity must be equal to or greater than 1.0 kW DC
  • For a grid connected* system, a copy of the letter of approval or permission for interconnection issued by the local electrical or building authority is required

Additional Information:

  • There are no national nor provincial/territorial certifications for PV system designers/installers.  You may retain a contractor or design and install the system yourself.  If you decide to implement you own retrofits, note that personal labour costs are not eligible for a grant.
  • For an off-grid** system, you should ensure that the system was designed and installed in accordance with local building and electrical requirements and codes
  • It is recommended that you have a qualified PV professional assess your home and identify it as “Solar Ready” before your pre-retrofit EnerGuide evaluation
  • A PV system is eligible for a grant if it is a first-time installation or if it is an addition to an existing system
  • Solar panels can be mounted on the house or ground, as long as they are on the property / land of the house associated with your application
  • It is recommended that roof-top installations, both grid-connected and off-grid, be done in accordance with SPE-900-13 solar photovoltaic rooftop-installation best practices guideline developed by CSA
  • Building permits may be required for both off-grid and grid-connected installations

*Grid-connected system:  the solar photovoltaic system is connected such that it can deliver power to a supply authority system

**Off-grid system:  the solar photovoltaic system does not deliver power to a supply authority system.  The house is not connected to the electricity grid; utility power is not available to the home and the only source of power is renewable energy

Steps to take to get your solar system:

  1. Contact your electricity provider to determine whether you can connect to the network (net metered systems only)
    1. Hydro One: Dx Generation Connections Group at 1-877-447-4412 or
    2. Elexicon Energy: Submit the completed Pre-Generation Application and request to Elexicon’s Connections Coordinator will provide a Pre-Generation Application by email upon request.
  2. Apply to the Grant:
  3. Get an Energuide Evaluation:
  4. Call/email NRG Alternatives for your solar quote: 613-779-8844 /
  5. Apply for the loan: